Talent Acquisition Manager - International Placement Training & Apprenticeship @German AI startup Moyyn

(The Apprenticeship is offered for candidates in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh only. For others please check our placement training program here)​

4 weeks work experience, training certification, and project work

Program Modules

1. Talent Acquisition Training

8 hours training by experienced talent managers incl. guest speakers (self paced learning)

  • Fundamentals of Talent Acquisition
  • Passive sourcing
  • Active sourcing
  • Introduction to Jobboards
  • Introduction to Linkedin Recruiter
  • Video interview tools
  • ChatGPT and modern hiring techniques

2. Work Experience and Project

Work directly with our CPO and clients in their talent acquisition process

  • Job posting and management
  • Active sourcing
  • Work with our affiliates
  • Conduct pre-screening interviews
  • ChatGPT Project work

3. Career Guidance


Get guidance on how to land a job in Germany/Europe/Remote



  • Career sessions
  • Job search platforms intro
  • CV preparation
  • Cover letter preparation
  • Interview tips

Program fee: 9000 INR (100€)

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The program is entirely virtual. The trainings will be also recorded and will be available on-demand to watch anytime. Every batch starts from the beginning of each month.

Please click the register button and fill out the form. You will get an email with payment details.

The program fee is 100€ (9000 INR). You will get the payment link as soon as you register and complete the form.

You can pay for the program via Credit card, Paypal or Direct bank transfer

Every participant will get a certificate at the end of the program

The program is open for everyone – students, graduates, young professionals or someone who would like to change their field of work

There is no refund option available once the program has begun. In case of non-attendance, refund can be discussed on case to case basis.

The program runs on a rolling basis, every batch starts from the beginning of each month. You can choose the batch while registering. 

Mail us at arvi@moyyn.de in case you have further questions

Candidates from 20+ countries are participating in the September cohort.
Join the next batch now!

If your project work is excellent, you will get a 3 month internship at Moyyn after successful completion of the program

Your trainers

Quirin Blendl

Cologne, Germany

Founder of 2 startups in Germany, Business Coach, Chief Executive Officer at Moyyn and has 15+ years of experience in Venture Building, Talent Acquisition, and Business Development.


Berlin, Germany

Founder of 2 startups in Germany and India, Automotive Engineer, Technology Consultant, and Chief Product Officer of Moyyn, and has 10+ years of experience in Venture Building, Product and Growth Marketing.

Benefits and Topics

  1. Practical Experience: Our program offers hands-on experience in the field of Talent Acquisition. You will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, gaining practical insights into the recruitment process, candidate sourcing, screening, and selection, working at a German startup.

  2. Skill Development: The training will enhance your skill set in Talent Acquisition. You will develop expertise in candidate searching, resume screening, interview techniques, candidate assessment, and other essential recruitment skills. This practical skill development can be valuable for future career opportunities.

  3. Industry Exposure: It allows you to immerse yourself in the industry and gain exposure to different companies, sectors, and roles. You will have the chance to interact with professionals in Talent Acquisition, learn from their experiences, and understand the dynamics of the job market.

  4. Networking Opportunities: During the program, you will have the chance to network with professionals in the field. Building relationships with experienced recruiters and HR professionals can provide valuable connections, mentorship opportunities, and potential references for future job applications.

  5. Insight into Organizational Culture: Trainings provide an opportunity to experience the organizational culture of a company. You will gain firsthand knowledge of the values, work environment, and practices within the German startup, helping you assess if it aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

  6. Resume Building: Completing a training in Talent Acquisition adds significant value to your resume. It demonstrates practical experience in a specific area of HR and showcases your commitment to professional development. Theexperience can make you stand out to potential employers when seeking full-time employment.

  7. Self-Discovery and Skill Alignment: Trainings offer a chance to explore and understand your interests, strengths, and preferences within the Talent Acquisition field. It helps you align your skills and career aspirations, guiding you towards the specific areas of recruitment where you excel and enjoy working.

  8. Professional Growth: Through the program, you will develop a strong work ethic, time management skills, and the ability to work in a team. It provides an environment for personal and professional growth, fostering independence, adaptability, and problem-solving capabilities.

  9. Potential Job Opportunities: Trainings often serve as a pipeline for future job opportunities within the same organization or industry. Companies frequently hire interns who have demonstrated their skills and fit within the organization, making it a potential pathway to secure full-time employment.

Get a further 5% off every referral

Program fee: 9000 INR (100€)


Highly recommended programs! Excellent learning experience, which helped me understand the topics in depth. Helped me land a career in Volkswagen Group Germany.


Berlin, Germany


Product Owner - CARIAD by VW

Got equipped with much-needed skills to become an expert in many topics! Great networking opportunity and international exposure.


Berlin, Germany


Product Manager Intern - Adecco Group

Best training one could get, especially in topics like passive sourcing, active sourcing, and AI use cases in recruitment.


Berlin, Germany


Talent Acuisition Intern - Moyyn

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