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    We are happy to announce that we have a new partner with more than 250 jobs open currently amidst corona crisis. The jobs range from Software development, UX, Art and Design, Product management, Project management, C-level positions, Marketing, Finance, Sales, IT operations, Engineering to Operations. The jobs are also in multiple locations in Germany, USA, UK, Qatar, Portugal, Canada, Austria, France and many more.

    Screendesigner (m/w/i)
    Product Designer (m/f/d)
    Senior UI/UX Designer (m/w/d)
    Senior Product Designer (m/f/x)
    Head of Design (m/f/d)
    Frontend Developer – Vue.JS
    UI/UX Designer (F/M/X)
    Design Operations Lead (m/f/d)

    Softwareentwickler Node.js  Telematik-Infrastruktur
    Java Software Entwickler/in für ELBA Bankrechner
    Lead Integration Engineer
    Softwareentwickler*in C++ Java
    Development Manager
    Inhouse Java Developer mit Leidenschaft für Spring Boot
    Python Developer
    Rendering Engineer – C++
    Softwareentwickler/-berater Azure 
    Senior Software Developer
    Softwareentwickler  – .NET/C#/C++ – Echtzeit – autonome Großmaschinen
    Senior UI Developer
    Software Engineer for Medical Products
    Full Stack Software Developer
    Backend Developer
    Senior Backend Engineer
    Senior Frontend Developer
    Senior Magento Developer
    Cloud Engineer Azure
    Full-Stack Ruby on Rails
    Frontend Developer – Vue.JS
    (Senior) Web Developer
    Angular Guru
    Frontend Developer
    Cloud Solution Architect Azure
    (Senior) Fullstack Engineer
    Senior Software Engineer
    Backend Software Engineer
    Backend Engineer remote
    Head of Software Development AWS
    (Senior) Software Developer  – C # / .NET C++ developer
    iOS Developer
    Abrechnungs-Systeme Senior
    Ruby on Rails Developer
    Senior Fullstack Product Developer
    Senior React Developer
    Senior Node.js Engineer
    Lead Frontend Engineer 

    Ingenieur (w/m/d) für den Bereich Downstream Processing Development / Routineanalytik Ingenieur (w/m/d) mit Schwerpunkt Upstream Processing Development
    Technische/r Einkäufer/in – Projektgeschäft (m/f/d)
    Scrum Master mit disziplinärer Führungsfunktion (m/w/d)
    Requirements Engineer im Bereich Kernbank (m/w/d)
    Technical Project Management (m/f/i) – MB
    Technical Project Manager – Hardware (m/f/d)
    Prozessingenieur/in (m/w/d)
    Projektmanager STEP (m/w/d)
    Senior Consultant (w/m/d)
    Planungsingenieur (m/w/d)
    Application Manager STEP (m/w/d)
    Product Manager (m/f/d)
    Commercial Productmanager (m/w/i)
    Technical Project Manager – Firmware (m/f/d)
    Softwareentwickler/-berater Azure (m/w/d)
    Product Owner IT Store Solutions (m/w/d)
    Consultant eLearning (w/m/d)
    Product Manager (m/w/d)
    Senior Product Manager (m/f/x)
    Bauleiter / Projektleiter (m/w/d) Tunnelbau
    Senior New Business Manager (m/w/d) in der Gaming und Esport Branche
    Senior Product Manager Patient (m/f/d)
    Product Owner (m/w/d)
    Sr. Product Owner, Telematics (f/m/d)
    Product Lead (m/f/d)
    Product Owner (m/f/d)
    Product Manager (m/f/d) in the gaming and esports industry
    Team Lead Product Management (m/w/d) in the gaming and esports industry
    Senior Product Manager (m/f/d) in the gaming and esports industry
    Senior Projektmanager – Produktentwicklung (w/m/d)
    Technical Project Manager (m/f/d) in the gaming and esports industry
    Senior New Business Manager (m/f/d) in der Gaming und Esport Branche

    Group CISO (m/f/d) IT-Administrator (m/w/d) Engineering Strategy Manager (m/f/d) Infrastruktur Administrator (w/m/d) Mitarbeiter Innenrevision Raiffeisenlandesbank (m/w/d) Red Hat Systemspezialist (m/w/d) IT-Allrounder (m/w/d) Field Application Engineer for magnetic ATE (m/f/d) – Position based in US Field Application Engineer for magnetic ATE (m/f/d) Linux Engineer (m/w/d) Softwareentwickler/-berater Azure (m/w/d) Junior IT-Techniker*in im 2nd Level Support Senior Software Consultant (m/w/d) Test Manager (m/w/d) System Architect Big Data (m/w/d) Consultant (m/f/d) Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity @BCIT Software Test Hero (m/w/d) Quality Assurance Engineer (Firmware) (m/f/d) Linux System Administrator (m/f/d) Esport SYSTEMADMINISTRATOREN (M/W/D) FÜR CLOUD-SYSTEME DevOps Guru (m/w/d) Application Manager (m/w/d) Advanced Manufacturing Engineer (w/m/d) Solution Engineer (f/m/d) Permanent employee, Full-time · Frankfurt am Main, Germany Linux Systemadministrator (m/w/d) in der Gaming und Esport Branche QA Engineer (f/m/d) Senior Infrastruktur Administrator (w/m/d) Technical Services Engineer (m/f/x) IT Service Desk Manager (m/w/d) Chief Architect (m/f/d) Cloud Solution Architect Azure (m/w/d) Support Engineer Datastreaming (m/w/x) Software Engineer DevOps (m/f/d) Servicetechniker Medizintechnik (m/w/d) – ophthalmochirurgische Systeme Documentation Assistant (f/m/d) Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator (m/f/d) Shift Lead – Product Support (m/f/x) IT Security Spezialist (m/w/x)

    Marketing Growth Hacker (m/f/d)
    CRM Marketing Manager (m/w/i)
    Teamlead Digital Communications (m/w/i)
    Marketing Country Manager – France (m/f/d)
    Social Media Officer (m/f/d)
    Marketing Country Manager – UK (m/f/d)
    Digital Marketing Manager (SEM) (m/f/d)
    Performance Marketing Manager (m/f/x)
    Senior B2B Events Manager (m/f/x)
    Online-Marketing Manager (m/w/d)
    Social Media & Content Manager (m/w/i)
    B2B Marketing Manager (m/w/d)
    Online-Redakteur (m/w/d) Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)
    Marketing Schwerpunkt: Online-Marketing (Teilzeit >25h)
    Head of Sales Mobile Advertising (m/f/d)
    Account Executive (m/f/d) Sales Manager, Agencies (m/f/d)
    Content Moderator (m/f/x)
    Head of SEA (m/w/d)
    Developer Community and Campaign Manager (m/f/d) 
    Brand Manager/in Eigenmarken (m/w/d)
    Mobile User Acquisition Lead (m/f/d)
    Chief Marketing Officer (f/m/d)
    Performance Marketing Manager – SEA (m/w/d)
    Sales & Marketing Manager (m/f/d)
    CRM Manager (m/f/x)

    Controller (m/w/d)
    Immobilien-Kommerzkundenbetreuer (m/w/d)
    Consumer Loan Expert (f/m/d)
    Buchhalter (m/w/d)
    Wertpapierspezialist im Product Governance (m/w)
    Geschäftskundenbetreuer (m/w/d) im Großraum Linz
    Innovation Manager (m/w/d)
    Senior Accountant (m/f/d)
    Legal Counsel (m/w/i)
    Finanzbuchhalter (m/w/d) als (Senior) Financial Accountant
    Senior Lead Creation Manager (w/m/d)
    Buchhalter mit Bilanzierungskenntnissen (m/w/d)
    Assistenz Buchhaltung (Part Time) (m/w/d)
    Controller mit Schwerpunkt Projektcontrolling (m/w/d)
    Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) im Controlling
    Spezialist Konzernrechnungswesen (m/w/d)
    Consultant (m/w/x) Banking (Finanz- und Rechnungswesen, Risk Management, Treasury, Meldewesen)
    Corporate Strategy Manager (m/f/x)
    Legal Counsel / Volljurist (m/w/x) – Product & Compliance
    Bilanzbuchhalter/-in (m/w/d)
    Senior Financial Controller (m/f/d)
    Controller/-in (m/w/d)
    Consolidation Analyst (m/f/d)

    Enterprise Sales Executive (m/f/d)
    Sales Manager (m/w/d)
    Key Account Manager (m/w/d) – International
    Sales Manager (m/f/x) – Stuttgart
    Business Development Director, Restaurants EMEA (m/f/d)
    Senior Regional Account Manager (f/m)
    Customer Engagement Strategy Analyst (m/f/d)
    Senior Lead Creation Manager (w/m/d)
    Head of Sales Mobile Advertising (m/f/d)
    Senior Business Development Manager (m/w/d)
    Technische/r Einkäufer/in – Projektgeschäft (m/f/d)
    Sales Manager Nürnberg (m/f/x)
    Mitarbeiter im Risikomanagement (m/w/d)
    Geschäftskundenbetreuer (m/w/d) im Großraum Linz
    Sales Manager (m/f/x) – Essen
    Sales Manager Duisburg (m/f/x)
    Sales Manager Bonn (m/f/x)
    Sales Manager Köln (m/f/x)
    Sales Manager (m/f/x) – Frankfurt am Main
    Customer Success Analyst (f/m/d)
    Sales Manager Nordrhein-Westfalen (m/f/x)
    Online Sales Manager (m/f/d)
    Business Development Consultant (m/f/d)
    Museum Supervisor (m/f/d)
    Kaufmännische Angestellte (w/m/d)
    Sales Manager Hamburg (m/f/x)
    Innovation Manager (m/w/d)
    Customer Service Consultant (m/f/x)
    Sales Manager (m/f/x) – Düsseldorf
    Senior Asset Management Sales (m/w/d)
    Sales Manager (m/w/div)
    Senior User Creation Manager (m/w/d)
    Account Executive (m/f/d)
    Privatkundenbetreuer (m/w/d)
    Account Manager (m/w/d) – Software-Lizenzen – IBM, HCL, Microsoft
    Sales Manager, Agencies (m/f/d)
    Kundenberater/ Kundenservice (m/w/d)
    Sales Manager Berlin (m/f/x)
    Sales Manager (m/f/x) – München
    (SaaS) Sales Manager / Account Executive (f/m/d)
    Customer Engagement Manager (m/f/x)
    Account Manager (m/w/d)
    Customer Service Agent (Part Time) (m/w/d)
    Account Manager B2B (m/w)
    (Senior) Account Manager (m/w/d) – Cloud Services im Bereich Email Security
    Account Manager (m/w/d) – Cloud Services
    Sales & Marketing Manager (m/f/d)
    Shift Lead – Product Support (m/f/x)
    Consultant (m/w/x) Banking (Finanz- und Rechnungswesen, Risk Management, Treasury, Meldewesen)
    Director of Client Success (m/f/d)
    Sales Manager (m/f/d)
    Enterprise Account Executive DACH-Region (w/m/d)
    Account Manager (m/f/x) – Innendienst
    Key Account Sales Manager (m/w/x) – Köln
    Key Account Success Manager (m/f/x)
    Sales Manager – Consumer Credit/Loans (f/m/d)
    Supervisor – Product Support (m/f/x)

    Versorgungsingenieur (m/w/d) Bauleiter Schlüsselfertigbau (w/m/d) für ein renommiertes Architekturbüro Bauleiter (m/w/d) Spezialtiefbau Architekt sucht Bauleiter (m/w/d) der Bauausführung Electrical Engineer / eplanner (m/f/i) Test Development Engineer for magnetic ATE (m/f/d) Infrastruktur Administrator (w/m/d) Field Application Engineer for magnetic ATE (m/f/d) Field Application Engineer for magnetic ATE (m/f/d) – Position based in US Linux System Engineer (m/w/d) Site Reliability Engineer (f/m/d) Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity @BCIT Design Engineer – Digital Product Development Electronics (m/w/i) UNIVERSITY DROP-OUTS (w/m/i) Product Manager (m/w/d) Senior Infrastruktur Administrator (w/m/d) Bauleiter / Projektleiter (m/w/d) Tunnelbau Electronics Engineer for Medical Devices (w/m/d) Support Engineer Datastreaming (m/w/x) Electrical Engineer – power and control electronics, and low-level software development (f/m/d)

    Senior Technical Sourcer (m/f/d) Supplier Quality Engineer (f/m/d) Customer Engagement Strategy Analyst (m/f/d) Executive Assistant (m/f/d) Spezialisten (m/w/d) für die Gehaltsabrechnung / Lohnbuchhaltung Assistent/in der Geschäftsführung (m/w/d) – Karenzvertretung Senior Talent Acquisition Manager (m/f/d) PROJECT LEADER IN STRATEGY & TRANSFORMATION (m/f/d) Assistenz der Geschäftsführung (m/w/d) Corporate Strategy Manager (m/f/x) Head of Real Estate (m/f/d) Category Manager (Bereich Süßwaren) (m/w/d) Talent Acquisition Manager (m/w/x) HR- / Personalsachbearbeiter in Teil- oder Vollzeit (w/m/d) Senior Recruiter (m/f/d) HR Assistent/in, Global HR Organisation (w/m/d) Museum Supervisor (m/f/d) Kaufmännische Angestellte (w/m/d) FACILITY COORDINATOR (M/W/X) (Senior-) Human Resources Manager (m/f/d) (French native-level) Senior Behavioral Scientist (f/m/d) in Berlin StartUp

    Junior/Senior Software developer, software lead and software architect (multiple positions)

    – Development of frameworks and applications in C++

    – Development and improvement of an integration platform – Definition and implementation of interfaces to connect simulation tools

    – Development of SDKs and tools

    – Concept and architectural development Development and design of customer-oriented and sustainable IT system solutions

    – Development and maintenance of various Java-based tools and applications in the field of function and software development

    – Application of classic and agile project management methods in customer projects

    Designer, Concept and prototype development of electric motors

    – Technological and manufacturing research

    – Creation of 3D construction models in Creo

    – Preparation of production drawings Date coordination with suppliers and prototype construction

    – Presentation of concepts and products to customers Project management and milestone tracking

    Development engineer Electronic components

    – Definition of requirements and specifications for electronic components / e-drive components

    – Development and optimization of test strategies and test designs for the validation of components

    – Creation of specifications and milestones as well as development of time schedules

    – Coordination with development-relevant interfaces and monitoring of project progress

    Currently, in the US, we are looking for Software and Hardware engineers, Business Analysts, Product development specialists, DevOPs, Solutions Architect and Quality Management professionals. Submit your CV and get matched with relevant offers

    Hardware Developer

    – Development of  hardware products in the area of access control, time recording and safety engineering 

    – Providing specific interface, quality and production requirements for the market and customer

    -Oriented design of the hardware

     – From conception and implementation to testing and documentation, you will be involved in integrated product development process

    Product Manager

    – Support of the product from the market launch to the product discontinuation

    – Planning the implementation of product improvements in coordination with the development department

    – Support for market, trend and competition observations

    – Development of content for marketing campaigns and relevant product training

    – Assistance in the organisation of international trade fairs, events and road shows

    International Sales Manager

    – Support for our international partners as well as Business Units, as the basis for continuous and sustainable business development

    -Definition and maintenance of price lists for products and services according to the company’s objectives for the preparation of offers and sales planning with our internal and external partners

    -Interface to product management and development for continuous improvement

    Software Analyst

    -Performing tests, precise description of test routines and test automation

    -Proactive involvement in diverse projects

    -Passing on expertise to the sales department within the scope of training courses

    -Coordination and support during the installation of applications

    -Development and implementation of test procedures, programming and documentation

    Head of R&D

    -Leading and motivating the employees of the hardware and Software development

    -Establishing international management structures for distributed development teams

    -Consolidation and management of the hardware and software industry

    -Introduction and further development of a uniform technological roadmap for the group

    Software Technician

    – Installation, commissioning, configuration and maintenance of complex software

    – Creation of interfaces for data import and data export

    – Creation of specifications and requirement specifications 

    – Preparation and implementation of customer training courses

    -Correcting software malfunctions at customers

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