Terms and Conditions for Bootcamp Job Guarantee Program


1. Program Overview: The Bootcamp Job Guarantee Program (hereinafter referred to as “the Program”) is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the selected field. The Program includes intensive training, mentorship, and job placement assistance.


2. Eligibility: To be eligible for the Program, participants must meet all admission criteria, including but not limited to educational background, skill level, and any prerequisites specified by the Program. 

  • The participant must be in job search process or willing to start applying for jobs as soon as the program starts. 

  • The program and the refund policy does not apply to candidates who are not looking for a job actively or those who wish to change the career or domain, but not looking for new jobs at the point of signing up. 

  • The refund policy and job guarantee terms are only applicable for students who are looking for internship or thesis or part-time jobs, graduates who are unemployed and actively looking for a job, working professionals who are unemployed and actively looking for a job, working professionals who are employed and actively looking for a job, career change aspirants actively looking for a job. 

  • It is not applicable for anyone who is not actively looking for a job for a period of atleast 8 months from the start of the program.


3. Job Guarantee: The Program offers a job guarantee/refund policy to participants who successfully complete all program requirements. 

  • A “successful completion” is defined as meeting all attendance requirements, completing all assignments and projects to a satisfactory standard, and actively participating in career development activities. 

  • The Bootcamp must be completed within 2 months after signing up, thereby completing and presenting all tasks. 

  • The candidate must actively attend task review sessions and present their progress

  • The candidate must actively attend at least 2 career sessions every month 

  • The candidate must apply for jobs continuously from the start of the program

  • The candidate must actively adapt and revise their resume, cover letter, documents, interview preparations, etc based on the feedback


4. Refund Policy:

This refund policy applies only to Job Guarantee program. For those who participate in non-job guarantee program, a refund will not be issued. 

Once enrolled to a job guarantee program, a refund will not be provided and the installments continue until the full program fee is deducted. A partial refund, as mentioned in the program page, will be provided after 8 months, if the conditions mentioned below are met.

Cases where Refund Will Not Be Provided:

  1. Cancellation by Participant: The participant experiences unforeseen circumstances (e.g., health issues, family emergencies) that prevent them from continuing or completing the Program within 2 months, and they withdraw before a certain point in the curriculum or be absent for task reviews, or cancels task reviews in the first 2 months thereby not completing the program successfully.

  2. Technical Issues: The participant experiences significant technical issues that prevent them from accessing course materials or participating in online sessions.

  3. Personal Circumstances: The participant experiences a significant change in personal circumstances  that renders them unable to complete the Program and seek employment within the guaranteed period.

  4. Type of Jobs: If the candidate applies to jobs different from the topic of bootcamp and secures a job, the refund will not be provided. By jobs, the policy refers to part-time employment, internship, thesis work (if the candidate is a student and pursuing this objective), part-time or full-time or freelancer employment if the candidate is a graduate, jobseeker, working professional, etc. If the candidate is not pursuing a change of job and only doing the program to upskill, then job guarantee refund policy does not apply.

  5. Voluntary Withdrawal: The participant voluntarily withdraws from the Program for any reason.

  6. Violation of Code of Conduct: The participant is expelled from the Program due to violations of the Program’s code of conduct or academic integrity policies.

  7. Non-Participation: The participant fails to actively participate in the Program, including attending sessions, completing assignments, or engaging with career services.

  8. Job Offer Declined by Participant: The participant receives job offers, but declines them for any reason.

  9. Failure to Follow Program Requirements: The participant fails to meet the Program’s requirements for successful completion, including attendance, assignment submission, or participation in career development activities.

  10. Substandard Performance: The participant’s inability to secure employment within the guaranteed period is due to their own substandard performance or lack of effort during the Program and in job search process.

  11. Market Conditions: The participant is unable to secure employment within the guaranteed period due to unfavorable market conditions or factors beyond the control of the Program organizers (for example, corona, war situations, etc).

  12. Late Claim: The participant fails to submit a refund claim within the specified timeframe and with specific reasoning (9th month – 30 days to claim starting from 1st Day of the 9th month after first or full payment) outlined in the Program’s terms and conditions and refund policy.

  13. Previous Employment: The participant was already employed in a relevant field at the time of enrollment and fails to secure a new job within the guaranteed period, despite not needing the Program to transition into employment.

  14. Misuse of Materials: The participant reproduces or distributes Program materials without permission, violating the Program’s intellectual property rights.

  15. Failure to Provide Documentation: The participant fails to provide sufficient documentation or evidence to support their claim for a refund, such as proof of job applications, etc. within the 9th month after first payment.

  16. Expired Guarantee Period: The participant attempts to claim a refund after the expiration of the guaranteed period outlined in the Program’s terms and conditions. The guarantee period is only 8 months, and the refund application has to be mailed in the 9th month. In case the refund application is made later, the refund will not issued.


Cases for Refund:

1. Failure to Secure Employment: The participant actively seeks employment within the specified duration after completing the Program (8 months from the start) but is unable to secure a job related or not related to the topic of the bootcamp. The type of jobs is mentioned in the No Refund policy.

2. Program Cancellation: The Program organizers cancel the entire Program before its completion due to reasons such as insufficient enrollment, natural disasters, or other uncontrollable events. Bankruptcy of the organization does not include in this clause and it comes under No refund policy.


In case of refund, a payment processing fee of up to 50€ will be charged by the payment provider.

5. Application Process: Participants must complete the Program’s application process, which may include submission of an application form, interviews, and assessments. Acceptance into the Program is at the discretion of the Program organizers.


6. Job Placement Assistance: The Program provides job placement assistance to participants, including resume writing support, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. However, job placement is not guaranteed and depends on various factors including market conditions and individual participant efforts.


7. Intellectual Property: All materials provided during the Program, including but not limited to curriculum, lectures, and course materials, are the intellectual property of the Program organizers and may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.


8. Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to adhere to the Program’s code of conduct, which includes principles of professionalism, respect, and integrity. Violations of the code of conduct may result in expulsion from the Program without a refund.


9. Amendment of Terms: The Program organizers reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will be notified of any changes, and continued participation in the Program constitutes acceptance of the amended terms.


By enrolling in the Bootcamp Job Guarantee Program, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.