Get matched to your

dream job

Moyyn is an AI based reverse job platform for highly
skilled professionals. Apply once and get interviews
from many companies.

Get matched to your dream job

Moyyn is an AI based reverse job platform for highly skilled professionals. Apply now and get interviews from companies.

Our Recruitment Process

1. Submit your CV

Submit your CV to our Talent Pool in just 3 minutes

2. Get Matches

Find matches and recommendations from our clients and partner platforms

3. Interview

Submit your preferences, attend the pre-selection interview and land your dream job

Our focus


Moyyn is an engineering and software recruitment agency for highly skilled professionals, currently also having marketing/sales roles, executive, VP positions and more. We matchmake companies with verified and experienced candidates quickly, thereby reducing their sourcing time and costs.

Moyyn is a reverse job platform. Candidates apply once to the platform, submit their CV and get verified. Selected candidates will be shared with the partner companies and they contact the candidates for interviews directly.

Moyyn focuses exclusively on experienced professionals in core engineering topics like Automobiles, Production, Robotics, Mechatronics, Energy, Software & IT, Biotech, Electrcial & Electronics and many more.

Moyyn does not employ professionals directly, but connects them with partner companies. If the partner finds a fit, the candidates enter a direct recruitment process with the partner.

No, we do not take any fees from the candidates for applying to the platform.

We work with some great companies. We think you
should join them in your quest for top career.

Sourcing talents to germany

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Moyyn Group is a venture of MyHelpBuddy UG supported by European Union Social Fund and Berlin Senate

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