Global Talent Acquisition skill workshop - AI and ChatGPT in Recruitment

1-day certification workshop from Germany for students interested in HR,
Talent Acquisition and Recruitment (virtual) including certification

Your trainers


Quirin Blendl

Cologne, Germany

Founder of 2 startups in Germany, Business Coach, Chief Executive Officer at Moyyn and has 15+ years of experience in Venture Building, Talent Acquisition, and Business Development.



Berlin, Germany

Founder of 2 startups in Germany and India, Automotive Engineer, Technology Consultant, and Chief Product Officer of Moyyn, and has 10+ years of experience in Venture Building, Product and Growth Marketing.

Benefits and Topics

  1. Understanding AI in Recruitment: The workshop will provide insights into how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the recruitment process. You will learn about the role of AI-powered tools and platforms in sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates. This knowledge can help you stay updated with the latest industry trends and leverage AI effectively in talent acquisition.

  2. Leveraging ChatGPT for Recruitment: ChatGPT, a language model, can be used in recruitment to automate certain tasks, provide candidate engagement, and enhance the candidate experience. The workshop will demonstrate how to utilize ChatGPT effectively in recruitment processes, such as conducting initial screenings, answering candidate queries, and providing personalized engagement.

  3. Streamlining Recruitment Processes: By incorporating AI and ChatGPT in recruitment, you can streamline and automate various aspects of the talent acquisition process. This includes automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency in candidate screening, reducing bias, and enhancing the overall recruitment experience for both candidates and recruiters.

  4. Staying Competitive: In today’s global talent landscape, staying competitive is crucial. The workshop will equip you with knowledge and tools to leverage AI and ChatGPT effectively, giving you a competitive edge in attracting and selecting top talent. Keeping up with advancements in recruitment technology can position you as a forward-thinking and innovative professional.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Workshops provide a valuable networking platform where you can connect with fellow professionals in talent acquisition. This offers opportunities to share experiences, exchange ideas, and potentially build a network of industry contacts that can support your career growth.

  6. Professional Development: Attending the workshop demonstrates your commitment to professional development and staying current with emerging trends in talent acquisition. It showcases your proactive approach to acquiring new skills and adopting innovative practices, which can enhance your credibility and professional reputation.

  7. Time and Cost Efficiency: A one-day workshop offers a concentrated learning experience, allowing you to acquire valuable knowledge and skills in a short time. Compared to longer-term programs or self-learning, workshops provide a cost-effective way to stay updated with industry advancements and enhance your talent acquisition capabilities.

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Highly recommended programs! Excellent learning experience, which helped me understand the topics in depth. Helped me land a career in Volkswagen Group Germany.


Berlin, Germany


Product Owner - CARIAD by VW

Got equipped with much-needed skills to become an expert in many topics! Great networking opportunity and international exposure.


Berlin, Germany


Product Manager Intern - Adecco Group

Best training one could get, especially in topics like passive sourcing, active sourcing, and AI use cases in recruitment.


Berlin, Germany


Talent Acuisition Intern - Moyyn

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