10 tips for hiring the perfect candidate

10 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Candidate

As the world of work is forever changing, having a good workforce is what will help you in this volatile environment. So what will your next hire bring to the organisation? Well, that is entirely up to you. But how can you know for sure that the candidate you want to hire is the right one? Here at Moyyn we decided to list down 10 tips for hiring the perfect candidate, as an aid in your recruiting process. Hiring remotely? Also check out our guide on how to hire remote workers.

10 Tips for the perfect hire

  1. Are they a lifelong learner?

Having a degree is no longer enough, so be on the lookout for lifelong learners. These are the people who keep developing their knowledge and skills after their formal education. Someone who seeks to improve themselves throughout their entire lives. A lifelong learner will never stop improving what they already know. This can only bring benefits to your organisation, as they will evolve with you. Hiring the perfect candidate means hiring someone who never stops learning!

  1. Are they team players?

Finding a candidate that works well in a team setting is always something to be on the lookout for. Not matter the position, being able to work well with others is always a key skill to have. Even if they won’t need it, it’s better safe than sorry. Collaborations with others improves your thinking, taking your innovation to the next level. By hiring a candidate who is cooperative, the organisation will automatically benefit from it.

  1. How is their body language?

Body language makes up around 55% of our communication, while verbal communication is only about 7%. Being able to read this (mostly unconscious) communication can therefore give you valuable insights on that person. Analyse their movements, handshakes, gestures and eye contact. What does it tell you? This insight will give away information on how they are feeling, and who they are as a person. But most importantly, how interested they are in the job!

  1. Do they fit into the team culture?

Not only do they have to be able to collaborate with others, but they should fit into the team culture. Hiring the perfect candidate means hiring someone who shares the teams values, attitudes, and beliefs. Having a shared team culture means working together towards a common goal. Adding someone new to the team should only improve their collaboration and innovation in tackling challenges.

  1. Are they motivated to do the job?

Is the candidate motivated to start a new job and perform in the best way they possibly can? Or are they simply applying because they are in need of a new job? Finding someone who deeply cares about their work and the organisation’s overall goals is not always easy. Look for candidates who bring in new ideas to problems. Someone who truly wants to improve the organisation. In most cases, a highly motivated candidate will put more effort into their work than someone who is more experienced. So make sure you don’t just look at the CV.

  1. What questions did they ask during the interview?

Candidates are expected to come prepared to an interview by researching the company. But that is not the most important thing. When talking about the position you are offering, are they really listening? Do they ask insightful questions, showing their interest in the job, company and culture? Can they process the information you present and give a response that will show how they diagnose problems? You can tell by the questions how enthusiastic they are about the position.

  1. Do they have any specific experience or accomplishment?

Even though a candidate’s motivation towards the job is far more important than what’s on their CV, it can still tell you a lot about a person. Education is one thing, experience and accomplishments are another. By looking at their actions and results, you can tell how motivated they were towards that situation. Look for things that are a result from out-of-the-box thinking and acting. How did they gain their accomplishment?

  1. Can they solve a problem?

Giving a problem to a candidate is not just about the results. It’s a way for the interviewer to see how they make their way towards a solution. The candidates’ thought process and what methods they use to find a solution gives insight into their way of working. This is also a great way to see how compatible the candidate is with the rest of the team. Whether the candidate will add to the team with their innovation and fresh way of thinking.

  1. Are they adaptive to change?

Finding someone who thrives during change rather than being stressed out can be a lifesaver in projects. You need someone who is quick on their feet with adapting when presented with a change. The fast changing world of business waits for no one. So having employees that embrace change are critical for success. Ask if they have any example of how they used workplace change and turned it into something better.

  1. How is their work ethic?

Having employees that are determined to work hard is essential for a successful company. You need someone that can stay focused. Someone who will put in the necessary time and effort to accomplish their tasks. Hire someone that will stay that extra hour to get the job done. How do they handle a heavy workload, or changes in priorities? Look for indications that the candidate could focus on their work, despite distractions.

We hope these 10 tips on how to hire the perfect candidate will be helpful in your next recruitment process. But while hiring the perfect candidate can feel like a challenge, finding them are even more difficult. It can be easier to use a recruiting platform which will help you to match the perfect candidates for your company. Moyyn is an AI based recruiting platform that will match your company to highly skilled professionals. Access our talent pool of more than 30000 candidates or let us and our AI do the matchmaking for you! Know more about how you can get candidates easily for the most in demand position here.

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