Boosting your cv with international experience

Boosting your CV with international experience and how Moyyn can support you

Working abroad can be scary to most people. It is truly a leap of faith that you pack up your things and move somewhere permanently. The idea of packing, not for a vacation, but for something with no expiration date. Having not booked a return ticket back home. So why do it? Well, boosting your CV with international experience to kick-start your career! Working abroad might just be that extra something which will help you and your career. That is why we wrote this post, to inform you of how international experience can boost your CV. But also how we at Moyyn can support you in your efforts.

Cultural diversity

During your international stay, you will gain valuable experience in cultural diversity. Such as learning a second language (or 3rd, or 4th). Learning a new language will always be considered an asset, and it will inevitably boost your CV. If you are going somewhere where the local language is not English, try to learn it before and during your time there. Not only will it make it easier for you to get around, but it will also increase your value on the job market.

Apart from learning a new language, you will also gain insights into how people from various cultures will have a different perspective and mindset. Where you come from will influence who you are, and hence how you work. Learning to work with others, despite cultural differences is a key skill to have. Not just at work but also in life. It might be wise however to research the culture before moving, so that you are prepared for any major cultural differences! One tip is to use Hofstede’s comparison tool, where you can compare all different countries with each other.

Learning for life

Most people that move abroad for work are planning on moving back home eventually. That’s why it’s so important to make use of your time while away. Spending time abroad will improve your flexibility, adaptability, and communication skills. By living the daily challenge with a new country, new job, and maybe even a new language. And as a result of your experience abroad, you will grow as a person. Your perspectives and values that you brought with you will most likely be challenged, and even rejected at some times. But you will gain a more holistic perspective, which includes different viewpoints from everyone you will encounter. This holistic perspective is something companies value greatly, as it cannot be taught. It simply comes as a result of your international experience, and hence boosting your CV.

Out of your comfort zone

Being in a foreign environment will also make you step out of your comfort zone. It’s kind of like being thrown in the cold water. Having a fresh start, where you don’t know anyone and nobody knows you. But that also means being away from friends and family, which is not always easy. However, not knowing anyone forces you to step out of your comfort zone. To get to know new people, create a new network. It gives you the opportunity of working with new diverse people, improving your team-working and social skills. With meeting new people you are also forced to accept new and different viewpoints. This will result in you improving your objectiveness, reasoning and fairness. All of which are incredibly valuable skills.

Moyyn's support

So how can we support you in all of this? Well, Moyyn is a recruiting platform working towards bridging the skill gap in companies. So if you are looking to boost your CV with international experience, check out our website! It only takes 3 minutes to sign up, and then we will do the rest for you. We will match you to companies, and then they will directly contact you for an interview.

As Moyyn specializes in international recruitment, we provide companies with the right talent from around the world. Once you have been selected, Moyyn will take care of all relocation related processes like visa, accommodation and bureaucratic processes after your arrival. Yes, you can get full relocation support for your international experience! We have more than 1200+ relocation experts in our network and have supported 1000 international employees in various processes until now. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our talent pool now!