Creating a sustainable company

Creating a sustainable company – 5 easy changes

Creating a sustainable company doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Yet, a lot of big companies choose not to go sustainable because of the so-called “increased costs”. Sustainability doesn’t mean you have to squeeze your accounts – in fact, it can add to your profitability. Which means that business leaders can commit to helping the planet, without disrupting their operations. Because not only can sustainability improve your profit, but 92% of consumers would rather trust a company which operates sustainably. Which is why I made this list on creating a sustainable company. Let’s get to it!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

I know this seems pretty obvious to most, but you’d be surprised over how many companies actually don’t recycle. And yet, it is a super easy way to reduce waste. Simply supply the office with garbage bins for different types of waste. Plastic, paper, glass, etc. This way, you make sure that the waste that is recyclable won’t be thrown away and never used again.

Since about 75% of our waste can be recycled and reused in a different way, sorting waste is incredibly important. Wherever possible, get rid of single-use items such as cups and plates. Reduce further by not printing things which can easily be read on a screen instead. It might take a bit of planning, but it’s not difficult making it a company-wide initiative.


Very few employees actually turn their computer off at the end of the workday. Try to encourage your colleagues or employees to turn everything off before they leave for the day. The lights, the computer, etc. Some things still use power even though they are turned off, so unplugging all electrical devices before leaving is a way to guarantee it doesn’t. Write a sign on the door to remind people, or have someone which is in charge of making sure everything is turned off. Or make it a rule that whoever leaves last will be responsible.


If you don’t want to go through the trouble of always checking everything, upgrade your appliances to an energy-efficient option. Over time, a more energy-efficient office will definitely pay off. You can even put in motion detector lights, so when no one is in the office, you are guaranteed that the lights will turn off by themselves. And one of the easiest things you can do to save on electricity is to change to LEDs. The best part? Since they use reduced energy, they will save you money in the long run.

Greener Offices

Not only do plants look good in the office, but they will also help with the atmosphere. By having plants in the office, they will both absorb airborne pollutants, and they will release more oxygen into the air. The results of this? Happier and healthier employees. There are countless plants which are low maintenance, and beautiful additions to the office. Most companies have an interior budget for their employees to buy things for the office. Make sure plants are a must!

Sustainable Culture

Creating a sustainable company doesn’t come easy unless your employees are on board. Which is why it’s important to make sustainability a part of your company culture, by getting your whole workforce on board. From products, to company practices. Here are some ways you can incorporate sustainability into your culture:

  •       Signs reminding employees to recycle, turn of appliances etc
  •       Reward sustainable behaviour – e.g. green employee of the month
  •       Talk about green behaviour in meetings, weekly newsletters
  •       Install water fountains to reduce the purchase of bottled water
  •       Give out reusable bottles, cups, etc.

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