hiring a student or recent graduate

Here’s why hiring a student or recent graduate may be the best decision

We all know that when it comes to your company, you want what’s best for it. From building a motivated team to having trusted business partners. You work hard to find the best talent to help shape the organisation. And in your search for promising and experienced talent, as a recruiter, you may turn a blind eye to one of the best resources yet. A resource who might be the best asset to your team, if you know how to polish and recognize it! The asset may be one of the most controversial topics up to date: hiring students. Yes, you read that right! Hiring a student or recent graduate may be one of the best decisions for your company, and here’s why.

1. A fresh outlook

It’s so important these days to stand out, and ‘think outside the box’. But it’s not always that easy. Changing mindset can be a challenging thing to do. Students, and recent graduates don’t shy away from using social media! They will most likely be up to date with the latest innovations and trends, which is what your company needs to move further and improve. We all know how easy it is to get caught in old patterns. Hiring a young work force is the fastest and easiest way of getting fresh and new ideas to your business. A new, fresh outlook can be what differentiates you from your competitors. At Moyyn we have over 30,000 candidates looking for their next job, so why wait? 

2. Enthusiastic and willing to learn

Too much enthusiasm can be seen as inadequate in a professional setting. But there is nothing wrong with striving to become better. And working hard to help out a cause in which somebody believes in should always be appreciated. There are not many people out there who are willing to devote themselves to a certain cause. Atleast not in the way these young adults do. That is why hiring a student or recent graduate is a great business opportunity. Fresh from school, they want nothing more than to work hard and learn about the world of business. Investing in a young work force will always pay off.

3. Big potential for company growth

We all know the reason why hiring a student and recent graduate is not always the most appealing candidates for recruiters. This is mostly because of their lack of experience, both professional and personal. That can be seen by many businessmen as a disadvantage. But if your company invests time and trains young people, improving their skills and talents, there are going to be future benefits for both of the parties involved. From voluntary work to an apprenticeship. Your company has many ways in which it can train and test your new team member. Additionally, you will get to know them better during this process. In this way, your company can assess how trainees interact and adapt to the companies working culture and values. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Experience is more important

Even if hiring a student or recent graduate is not as permanent employees, your efforts to train them weren’t in vain. For most of the young workers, getting experience and familiarizing themselves with the industry, is far more important than obtaining any financial gains. Sure, earning some money would be nice. But being able to understand how things work in the business world is a much more valuable asset for the future. And since they value experience above anything else, you know they will work hard.

Have we convinced you yet about why should your company give a chance to young talent? From determination to curiosity, young people have all the essentials traits to become valuable and vital assets in your company! Access our talent pool of over 30,000 candidates ranging from young professionals to experts looking for their next opportunity.

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