Motivating your unmotivated employees

Motivating your unmotivated employees – here’s what to think about

Do you feel a decrease in some of your employees performance? Or maybe they come to work and no longer have a positive mindset? Then maybe you need to start motivating your unmotivated employees. Or perhaps, inspire them more.

Motivating your employees is something all managers need to do on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is out of your hands. But most of the time, motivation comes from the working environment. Which is why it is so important to regularly evaluate employees’ motivation and their environment.

Here are 3 things you should think about when your employees are feeling unmotivated, and how you can get them motivated again!

1. The reason behind

The first thing you need to do is to find the reason as to why they are feeling unmotivated. A lot of managers will say that incentives will bring wanted performance. Sure, there is some truth in that. But will it bring loyalty and a happy workforce? Probably not.

Most of the time, lack of motivation is not because of the employee, but rather the situation they are in. Maybe the employee does not feel seen or heard, maybe they’re scared, or maybe unprepared. There are endless reasons behind motivation.

It’s therefore important not to label them as unmotivated at first. Instead, think about the other 20 reasons it could be. Start there. Of course there are certain people that simply are unmotivated. But you hired them, which means that you bear some of the responsibility. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Cultural fit

The cultural fit of the company and its employees have a huge impact on motivation. It is a very recent concept and it has become increasingly important in recruitment processes. Most of the time companies decide to hire someone with less experience, when they are a better fit for the company.

The cultural fit is one of the most common reasons behind motivation, and the lack of it. Even when an employee ends up not being a good cultural fit for the company, it is the managers responsibility not to blame them for being unmotivated. Instead, managers should help them transition into a better fit.

Because like I mentioned already, you hired them. Which means that you took the decision that they would be a good cultural fit. It is not the employees fault, and they should not be blamed for it. So instead of firing them, own your mistake and find them a better fit in the company. There is a reason you hired them, so make use of their talents elsewhere.

3. Inspire

So you narrowed down the reasons behind the lack of motivation, and you made sure that there is a cultural fit. What now? Well, you have to inspire your people. Managers have to give their employees that sense of cause and vision that their work is worth more. You have to make them feel like they matter, and that they are seen, and heard, and understood.

This will result in them not only being more motivated and inspired, but when offered a better paying job somewhere else, they will most likely turn it down. This will be your competitive advantage. Because it is not just about the bonuses and the money. They would rather be at your company, surrounded by wonderful colleagues, in an environment which inspires them to do their best work, in a culture which fits them perfectly.

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