How to maximize your productivity

How to maximize your productivity – based on 3 phases

Don’t you just hate it when you feel your energy level decreasing, and your productivity goes with it? The struggle to stay motivated and productive is getting more by each day? Or do you simply want to get the most out of your working day? Well, there might be a simple explanation to your productivity problem. You need to know how to maximize your productivity.

Productivity and your performance changes heavily during the day, as you might have realized. These changes make productivity all about timing. Most people schedule tasks during their day based on when there is available time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do tasks when you don’t have time. But instead, put some thought and intention into your schedule.

This approach will increase productivity immediately. You see, the day is made up of 3 phases of productivity. Being aware of these phases will teach you how to maximize your productivity. Below I have explained the 3 phases, and how you can utilize them the most.  

The peak phase

As you might guess from the name, this is your peak time. This phase is when you feel the most energized and productive. It can be different for everyone. Some might feel the most productive right when they wake up, and others after the sun has gone down.

The peak phase helps you to focus the best, and to accomplish harder tasks. Which is why you should schedule heavier tasks during this phase. Use the time wisely, on the things you find the most difficult to do. Calculations, analysing reports, or writing content. Whatever you feel is the

The through phase

The through phase is the hardest phase, as it is the opposite of your peak phase. This is where you might experience a heavy decrease in both productivity and performance. What’s important for this phase is to use the time for lighter mental work. This, or maybe easier administration tasks which you can do very well.

An example could be to answer emails, or tasks which you do every day without having to think. By doing so, you will not need to use your brainpower or creative mind. Instead, you save your energy for your peak phase.

The recovery phase

In this phase, your mood is up and you have a positive mindset towards work, but your productivity is still low. During this time, it’s important to let your mind run free. Spend this phase doing creative or insightful tasks.

An example here could be to brainstorm, problem-solving, or maybe thinking of solutions which are not obvious. As the productivity is low, put your tasks aside and work with your positive mindset. It’s amazing what you can think of when your mood is through the roof!

These phases are very individual. When you feel productive, others might not. Next time you go to work, try to identify the 3 phases throughout the day. Note down when you feel the most productive, and at your peak time. But also when you feel unproductive, or motivated but still no energy.

After identifying the 3 phases, you will have an easier time learning how to maximize your productivity. The key is finding your phases, and then schedule your day according to them. I know it is not always possible, as you might be required to attend meetings or other things which involve colleagues. But by using the phases as best you can, I guarantee you that your productivity will be maximized. 

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