the pros of using Artificial intelligence in your recruitment

The pros of using Artificial Intelligence in your recruitment process

The world is becoming more and more digitalized, and artificial intelligence has played a big role in this change. Companies are now willing to adapt to new technologies to automate high-volume tasks in their recruitment. A lot of physical inetractions and events are not hapenning anymore because of covid and many of the traditional recruitment methods have become inefficient. Especially, SMEs are forced to adapt to new methods because of the current situation. AI and automation in recruiting augments HRs and Talent Acquisition Managers in reducing to ‘Time-to-Source’ and  ‘Time-to-Hire’. And thereby also reducing the ‘Cost-of-Hire’ tremendously. How could SMEs implement such technologies and automate processes? The best way is to partner up with service providers and specialized tech recruitment platforms who have developed an optimum approach for sourcing and matchmaking.

Here at Moyyn, we are using AI in our reverse job platform to ensure the best possible matchmaking between companies and candidates, automate passive and active sourcing and eventually reducing the ‘Time-to-Find’ the right candidate to just 15 days. By using AI in your recruitment process, there will be more time in choosing the right candidate, rather than looking for one. We decided to list down all the pros of using AI in your hiring process to help you digitalize your recruitment. Or, you can simply let us do the matchmaking for you!

Strategically expanding and contextualizing the talent pool

In general, recruiters tend to have access to much more limited talent pools or sometimes no Talent Pool at all. Not only that, but it is also known that recruiters spend around 13 hours per week sourcing candidates for one role. This means that they cannot review all of the applications, or that they don’t read after the 6 seconds-resume test. AI’s unmatched ability to rapidly sift through millions of data points allows recruiters to swiftly identify high-potential candidates. With AI, recruiters are also able to tap into a wider talent pool to source applicants. Raging from social media platforms to career boards and to different agency databases. And this is just one of the pros of using Artificial Intelligence in your recruitment process. If you would like to get access to our 30000+ mid-senior to senior level candidates in Moyyn”s Talent Pool, and recruit your next hire in just 15 days, get in touch with us.

Former applicants and former employees represent an asset, which is usually forgotten by human recruiters. But thanks to the unparalleled capacity of AI to operate with multiple databases, you can find the perfect candidate. Additionally, 70% of the global workforce is comprised of passive candidates. But by incorporating AI into recruitment you can effectively and efficiently identify passive candidates! At Moyyn, once you upload a job post, we automatically multi-post it to 20+ relevant platforms, for free. This will increase the organic reach of the job ad. Additionally, we also do Active Sourcing of candidates in 5+ platforms using our AI powered sourcing tool to provide the right candidates within days.

More fairness with AI

pros of using AI recruitmentWhether we like to admit it or not, every human is biased. From our upbringing to our tastes, everybody has some sort of preferences. That is also applicable when it comes to recruiting. Recruiters tend to favour candidates which they can relate to. If this isn’t the case, they tend to prefer somebody who is referred by some form of authority or workforce. This preferential treatment is what kills diversity. And only from a diverse background can your company grow. By using Artificial Intelligence in your recruitment process, you can be assured that the inclusivity and diversity of your company will grow. 

Increasing engagement

The usage of chatbots or the presence of a compatibility check (that allows candidates to see how fitting they are for the job and the company they are applying) will raise engagement with your potential future teammate. This will drastically enhance relationships between companies and customers. But it will also helps with easing bureaucracy! This is because AI can automate certain processes, and it can constantly update applicants.

Adding a feeling of security

Adding a new addition to the team always involves taking a risk in trusting the candidate. More often than not, to land a job, certain candidates lie about their skills and knowledge. Or they present an ideal version of themselves that fits perfectly for the job. This can damage not only the working progress of a company, but also the reputation of a certain individual. So in order to make sure that your company doesn’t lose time and resources working with unfit candidates, the usage of AI during CV checks and interviews proves to be useful. Additionally, if your company continues to use AI to track the working and learning progress of your newly hired employee, you can rest assured that the worker is doing the job in a proper manner. AI is therefore an exceptional tool to use, especially while working remotely.

Finding the best fit

pros using AI recruitmentOverall, by using Artificial Intelligence in your recruitment process you can find the best  candidate fit for your organization. Either by employing it to fill in the gaps you might not be able to gather from a resume. Or by analyzing a candidate’s online presence to discover more about their personality, values, goals and career aspirations. 

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