What will change after covid-19?

What will change after COVID-19?

COVID-19 has reshaped our systems of values. Life as we knew it has changed completely and we’re left to wonder if things will get back to “normal”. What we know for sure is that, with the merging of our online and offline personas, a new perspective over reality is going to be formed. Digitalization is going to play an even bigger role in our lives, thus changing our goals and actions. Because of this, we are left to wonder about what else will begin to change, especially in the corporate world. That is why we created this list of what we think will change after covid-19.

1. Implement new safety measurements

We might be on the right track to stop the spread of the worldwide pandemic. But even after the vaccine, people will have to learn to live with this virus as it will always be a part of our daily lives from now on. Humans can’t stay isolated at home forever. So when they have to abandon the safety of their homes to go to their jobs, they will have to be sure that they are working in a safe environment. Alongside the regulations already implemented by governments, the company should work on changing the working hours and the program in order to make sure that the office won’t be too crowded or that the meetings and working places are going to be populated at a smaller scale.

Companies should teach employees correct health and safety procedures as this is also part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, which is important in establishing positive customer perceptions. If those measurements cannot be taken as soon as possible, then working remotely and having video calls and conferences will be the best solution until further notice. But this is just one of many things we believe will change after covid-19.

2. New collaborations

The IT and HR department will have to work together to ensure an easy switch to an online working medium. From creating online training rooms where employees could develop both professionally and personally, to creating video guides to explain certain processes within the company. It is important to make it easier for the employees to adapt to this new working environment. It’s also important to train those who don’t have enough knowledge of working with computers and certain platforms and to offer access to computers, tablets or phones to those who cannot afford to have one of their own.

Additionally, as working online is already proving to be quite challenging due to different time zones, programs and social statuses, it’s important for the management team to frequently communicate with employees in a very transparent way. This way, it will be easier to keep the company running properly and to prepare for what will change after covid-19.

3. Value new skills

Because of all those sudden changes, business owners will have to seek and cherish new abilities in their employees. They will start valuing workers who are willing/ adaptable to work independently, remotely and even unpaid. Furthermore, they will seek innovation and creativity, followed close by the capacities to resist stress and to solve problems efficiently. They will value critical thinking and good leadership skills, and will look for people with higher emotional intelligence, who are also willing to learn (if possible, fast) new skills. They will hope to find, and if not, train data literacy skills and the usage of digitalized information. This is closely linked also with good communication skills, both offline (speaking and writing) and online.
But overall, what is going to be the most valuable asset is finding people who are easy to work with, but that also know how to and have no problem with following norms and rules.

Thus, corporate culture will change to become more flexible and it will have to integrate new practices, in order to make sure that this new reality in which we are living in, will not take a major toll on the future of the company.

4. How have we changed?

We at Moyyn, an AI based recruitment platform for engineers, have adapted quite fast to the changing work environment. As a response to what will change after covid-19, the entire team is working remotely, but efficiently without any hiccups. Individual teams have a check in call in the morning and a checkout call in the evenings. Apart from that, we also use other video conferencing mediums to stay online (virtually like an office), together and also use communication tools like Slack for faster and effective communication. Discussions might have to be longer nowadays as a virtual meeting is not equally efficient as a personal meeting. But, following few simple chances, like effective communication, check in and checkouts with everyone in the startup or faster response rate for messages, we are coping up with the current and the new working world! 

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