tense relationship between covid-19 and jobs

The tense relationship between COVID-19 and jobs

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing a tense relationship to peoples jobs, and a lot of uncertainty in our daily lives. Many countries are constantly working on enforcing social distancing and safety measurements. Workers and job seekers are experiencing disorder in how they work and live. But in these troublesome times, digitalization proves to be a powerful ally. Many institutions are working on developing methods for transitioning to an online environment. Even the ones that weren’t used to working online, such as schools and universities. 

We understand that these transitions can create some pressure. While the whole world is turning upside down trying to tackle the pandemic, you don’t have to! That’s because our team at Moyyn came up with a mini survival guide to help you stay ahead. So after the pandemic is over, you can be proud of yourself again!

1. Better chances at finding the best candidates

In a normal setting, hiring a potential employee would be much easier. You would run a CV and motivation check, then the candidate would have to go through a round of interviews. Depending on how well he/she matches the profile you’re looking for, you would hire them. 

Now that selecting applicants has to be done remotely, your hiring process will become more difficult in terms of administration. But when it comes to finding the best candidates, these uncertain times might prove to be a worthy ally. In light of the current situation, you can better asses communication and collaboration skills. You can also determine how self-motivated and creative a candidate is. Just look at how he/she manages to cope with these new challenges. We at Moyyn have created a reverse recruiting approach to provide pre-selected candidates for companies. This will both save their time and effort in recruiting. SMEs, startups and corporates can now utilize our resources and candidate pool to hire efficiently. To know more, click here

2. More stability

We can all know that people prefer a certain degree of stability in their lives. When they have a family or needs they need to tend to, a secure job position would be ideal. And since there now also is a tense relationship between COVID-19 and jobs, people have a higher need for stability. Because of what’s happening right now in the world, your employee might show a long-term interest in the position. And once hired, they might be more willing to commit to the job.

3. More potential candidates

Staying at home in self-isolation with limited contact to the outside world has changed our previous routines and schedules. Suddenly there is a greater amount of flexibility! This allows for individuals to start working on plans they were postponing for a long time. From teenagers looking to help out their local community to dedicated professionals. There are a lot of candidates that are willing to help your business grow!

4. More development

Encountering more challenges and learning how to get past them plays an important role in business development. Being flexible, adaptable, open-minded and creative are traits that everyone, from businessmen to employees, should cultivate, especially in times like this. 

Maintaining a business has become more challenging in the times of COVID-19. By planning for the future and by having the best tools at your disposal, your business will be ready to face the negative outcomes of the crisis.

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