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The future of onboarding – Moyyn

COVID-19 proved to be a challenging time for humanity, and it has changed the future of onboarding extensively. From strict measurements implemented by Governments, to companies doing their best to soften the blow of the upcoming economical crisis. Our daily lives as we know it have changed completely. This also represents the moment when businessmen will realize that they will have to change their visions and goals in order to adapt to the new reality created after the pandemic.

As people have been living in isolation for months (some unemployed, some are anxious about their future) it will be hard for them to adapt to a new working culture. Even though our team at Moyyn makes sure that international jobseekers are relocated nicely in Germany after they apply to one of our open job postings, there might not be a guarantee with the quality of the experience an employee will get after COVID-19. That’s why we have decided to come up with a list of advice designed to help HR companies in navigating the new process of onboarding.

Our advice

  • Firstly, according to a survey conducted by Jobvite, 30% of job seekers have left a job within 90 days of starting. The three main reasons cited for leaving a job within 90 days were that the day-to-day role wasn’t what they were expecting, a bad experience drove them away or company culture was a problem. In order to solve this issue, it’s important for a company to merge onboarding and orientation together and to work on bringing more value for their employees. It’s important to invest time in the professional development of your employee, to be emphatic and to make time to hear their needs, to be adaptable and flexible (in order to match the current time), to create personalized goals that are fit for the employee’s style, talents and skills, to offer them constructive feedback and most importantly to be transparent with them from day one!
  • Secondly, apart from creating a meaningful onboarding experience through integrating the employee into the company and working culture, companies need to remember that the key to the future is present in digitalization. The flexibility that the online medium has provided can be a useful tool for companies. By creating video guides that explain how certain processes work within a company, to using productivity and team-management apps such as Slack and Monday.com and to using more automatic processes that can help with easing paperwork, the possibilities of the online medium are endless.

COVID-19 has brought some changes that require a whole rebranding process for companies. Thus only by creating a policy which values employees and innovation, companies can enhance the onboarding process.

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